Email Broadcasting and Construction Tactics

We as marketers staying in touch with our prospects is a way we cultivate relationships. Advertising and marketing our selves as well as products & services is the beginning in the sales process. The most effective follow-up can convince hesitate consumers on the fence into anxious customers. It will also morph regular customers into repeating consumers.

Email marketing is overlooked!

There is truth in that “the money is in the list.” Savvy marketers know that the sales funnel plants seeds and the real harvest is in the follow up. Following a strict routine while adding valuable content to your subscriber base increases awareness through education. A well informed consumer group will generate more sales revenue.

Sales Letter Tips:

• The only purpose of a “subject line” is to get your prospect to open the email
• Keep the sentences short and easy to read
• Do not do any selling in your email
• Tell the reader what is in it for them
• Always include a call to action
• Validate your offer
• Salutations with a personal touch

Your audience of online entrepreneurs have matured and what they want now more than ever is transparency. People are wanting proof, progress and results. What differentiates the successful from the rest is the approach and leadership. The most influential people in any group or team are the dominate because they take the steps necessary to get the job done.

The personalized compilation and content of your email will make the difference between run-of-the-mill and the exceptional. Letting people know you on a personal level will launch your success. The layout and content of your email should be unique and be a part of your brand. Your readers will know the email is from you as they open it and recognize the structure of your message.

Make money with emailing without selling.

Producing sales with your broadcast is easily done without any sales pitch. Beginning with education is a powerful approach to close any prospect. By revealing advantages and benefits to our contacts and what they will gain is the best way to consummate the sale. Your customers will happily give you the cash because you helped them solve a problem by providing the solution.
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